About Us

Boosting Research and Insight

We are a group of scientists who care about one thing: delivering the most rigorous research-based insight to you. How do we do it? By having top data and social scientists work together, and by combining cutting-edge technology with the most advanced data and social science approaches.

Our Approach

Data Science and Social Science

Instead of choosing one approach over the other, we believe that combining data science with social science results in unparalleled research power. Using custom scripts, machine learning, and other advanced statistical modelling techniques, our data scientists build models that detect patterns in massive amounts of data to answer the "what" question. Our social scientists research root causes underlying observed patterns and deviations in the data. Their keen understanding of different cultures and supplemental research that involves tools such as observations, online diaries, surveys and experiments, helps fine-tune data models by answering the “why” question. Working together, our scientists understand the data on a much deeper level, develop exceptionally accurate models, and provide razor-sharp insight.

Black-Belt Scientists

Our social scientists have PhDs from the world's best research institutions. They have rich experience in studying behaviors, emotions and practices of people in diverse organizations, regions, and cultures. Our data scientists have exceptional skills. They have authored books, articles, algorithms, and software packages. They have used their platforms to scrape online data, boost existing models, and build innovative ones. This interdisciplinary group of black-belt scientists brings knowledge and insight across research approaches. It constantly improve ways to collect and analyze data and to get your research done.

Covering Every Piece of the Puzzle

Our unparalleled combination of data scientists and social scientists lets us to offer a range of data-intensive research services. But, to get your research done, we want to make sure that we can understand and help you with all of your research. If you do not already have data, or you want to supplement the data that you have, we also offer services to identify new data, and develop data collection platforms. In addition, we code, write algorithms, prepare data for analysis, and visualize data. In short, what we offer are end-to-end data science and social research services, covering your research from start to finish, and performed at the highest quality.


Plan for better research
  • Identify & map data assets
  • Find cost-effective approaches
  • Conduct ideation workshops
  • Evaluate ideas & best practices
  • Develop a research roadmap
Energize data and research
  • Diagnose research "pains"
  • Upgrade research procedures
  • Improve data & models
  • Enhance research capabilities
  • Add experts to your projects
Connect the Yin-Yang of research
  • Merge qual & quant research
  • Combine separate data assets
  • Fuse new research methods
  • Perform global research
  • Streamline research processes
Innovate products and services
  • Identify new research prospects
  • Design research & data products
  • Build superior code & models
  • Automate research platforms
  • Test-to-market of new products


Data Science

- Advanced Regression Modeling
- Time Series Modeling
- Machine Learning
- Simulation
- Model Optimization
- Information Retrieval
- Natural Language Processing
- Visualization and GIS

Research Done

Social Science

- In Depth Interviews
- Online Diaries
- Participant Obervations
- Cultural Analysis (major countries)
- Surveys
- Experimental Research
- Social Network Analysis
- Social Mapping and Visualization

Research Design

- Quantitative
- Qualitative
- Mixed Qualitative & Quantitative
- Modeling and Analytical Techniques
- Optimizing Data and Research Processes

Data Preparation

- Data Scraping
- Data Wrangling
- Data Management
- SQL/NoSQL/Big Data
- Data Security

Research Tech

- Coding Python/R (other languages)
- Research Platform Development
- Web App Development
- Mobile App Development
- Visualization and Dashboards



Our goal is to deliver the best research possible. To achieve this, we combine approaches from social and data science, led by an interdisciplinary team of black-belt scientists. Because we are not locked into any specific data or social science research niche, and because we provide end-to-end services, we can make sure that your research project will get done.
We have found that a majority of commercial research applications are rooted in research approaches and techniques that are developed in academic institutions. This is the reason why a skilled academic data scientist can provide the highest level of assistance to extremely diverse practice areas that include market research, real estate research, medical research, and financial forecasting. Based at the best research institutions, where such tools and techniques continue to evolve and be innovated, your research will benefit from leveraging the best talent available.
Absolutely! Cultivated in the world’s best academic institutions, our experts have extensive knowledge and experience in academic research. We love academic research and would very much like to work with you to push your research forward.
We appreciate building relationships with clients and working on multiple research projects is an excellent way to do this. For clients with multiple projects, we offer various benefits including discounts, a dedicated Research Manager, and the flexibility of working on a retainer basis that can be applied to various projects over time.